I have begun to explore the kind of information and data that various issues generate.  In a reversal from examining the larger social impact on an individual and their personal story, I am interested in how demographic information expresses not only the individual but the community, how we process this information, and the ways we fail to process it and shift it to the sense of “other”.

We are all Statistics is an ongoing series of work I have been exploring which concerns these ideas and takes data from a community dealing with a specific issue and works to represent it visually for physical consumption by the community represented.  I am asking audiences to not only consider the issues and information, but to consider that no matter where they stand in relation to them-they are a part of it.

This work is as much about presenting specific information as it is about the performance aspect of engaging directly with complicated and difficult issues in public spaces, as an artist, person, and community member.  The conversations I have during installation, the physical task of installation, and the durational and temporary aspect of the work are as vital as the visual outcomes.

Projects in this series have included (find details by clicking links):



One woman every week

Children of Harrisonburg

Family Portraits

I have completed work in this series as a part of two different residencies in communities outside of my home on various issues such as Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and plan to continue the work in as many communities and regarding as many issues as possible.