For a long time I have been interested in the way relationships grow and change over time, particularly those that are considered most formative to our lives, those of family and lifelong ties. When considering the impact our longest relationships have on us, whether positive and healthy, or weak and deteriorating, I am interested in the power of perception and memory to affect these relationships, or, alternatively, how these ties affect our memories. Ideas like reconsolidation, the concept that each time we recall a memory we are effectively altering it in our mind, feel important to me in the ways we interact with each other and the ways we build up our own identities and those of our home communities.

Lore is a project which illustrates these ideas using the stories of my grandmother, father, and three aunts.  My grandmother weaves the stories of our family, of her history raising her children and watching her grandchildren grow with an intensity and ease that evades most. The many characters in her and our lives come to life and move quickly from one place to the next, sharing perspectives of love, hard work, immigration, faith, and joy. Her versions of these stories are not always the same as the children she raised, and their stories add a complexity and twist to the shiny gems that are our family history.


Created 2015 for install at the Goat Farm Arts Center as a part of Sound & Vision. 5 lazy boy reupholstered recliners, fabric, screen print, and audio recordings of family.