This work deals with the negative and positive ways we use language related to sex, identity, and race in the context of various issues such as intimate partner violence, sexism, racism, body policing and more. In negative contexts, language we use becomes a barrier to separate ourselves from behavior. We are careless with language and we forget its power. In positive contexts, language we use becomes a form of agency and a way for us to choose our own identity. We use words to relate to others. We reclaim words and choose to reject words as we desire. In some cases the degree to which these actions are positive or negative shift.

Photos courtesy David Batterman Photography.


Included in this body of work are the following pieces/installations:

Four Letter Word


The performers wish to remain anonymous.

Performed in November 2013 as a part of "Out of Context" by Jessica Caldas during the 2012-2013 Leap Year Exhibition at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Ga.