Upcoming Events:

-Love/d & Sex/ed opens at Mammal Gallery on Thursday, April 14th from 7 to 10 pm. For details regarding the show please check out the page for Love/d & Sex/ed.

Love/d & Sex/ed is a meandering visual conversation touching on each issue within the broad spectrum of sex, gender, love, and intimacy. These issues range broadly in both negative and positive contexts, but connect to each other in a complicated and important web of influence, impact, and need, illustrating the challenges and triumphs our society faces when confronting these ideas. This show will manifest through physical work, conversations, workshops, discussions, interactive experiences, and performances to create space for thoughtful dialogue and learning.

-Surviving, Overcoming, Recovering opens at the Darrin-Mchone Art Gallery in Harrisonburg, Virginia on Friday, April 1st. The show will run through the month of April and features work inspired by stories of sexual assault survivors. During my time in Harrisonburg, I will complete a second installation of We are all statistics: Children of Harrisonburg.

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