Currently I am focused on the daily lived experiences of women; their triumphs, their struggles, and everything in between. Drawing on personal narratives, collected stories, literature, and social movements, I have built a body of work which explores the complicated spaces, both personal and public, that women inhabit and move through.

In general, my work revolves around the changing dynamics of relationships between people and community stories in the context of larger social issues. The broader issues addressed through this work are those surrounded by stigma, where this stigma creates silencing and prevents many from talking openly about their own experiences. This silencing increases misconceptions and “othering”: the idea that these experiences exist only for certain kinds of people. My practice strives to create spaces for conversation, opportunities for education and awareness, and actions for change around these experiences. I seek to make these hard topics more accessible, while still honest, and without sensationalization. Doing so creates space for empathy, action, and change.

My work incorporates drawing, collage, mixed media, sculpture, installation, performance, and more.