In general, my work revolves around relationships between people and community stories within the context of larger social issues. I have always been interested in the silence around such stories caused by stigma, and the ways that stigma perpetuates violence and othering. My practice strives for conversation and confrontation. I seek to make these experiences accessible, while still honest, and without sensationalization. Doing so creates space for empathy, action, and change.

My recent work is divided in two ways (that occasionally intersect):
1. Focus on the daily lived experiences of women; their triumphs, their struggles, and everything in between. Drawing on personal narratives, collected stories, literature, and social movements, I have built a body of work which reflects on the complicated spaces, both personal and public, that women inhabit and move through.
2. Exploration of the complexities of identity where family history, cultural and social influence, politicization, and personal desire are both at odds and overlapping. In this exploration identity becomes a fact based excavation of personal history alongside a kind of fictional mythological worldbuilding.

My work incorporates drawing, collage, mixed media, sculpture, installation, performance, and more. I have found that I am most successful with mixed media, immersive, installations, where various mediums work in layers to create a bodily experience mirroring the complexities of the issues I am interested in.