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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Similarly to last year, October 2015, I will be carrying out #3everyday: Shrouded, a daily performance piece highlighting the statistic that 3 women die every day from Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence in the US. In 2015, Georgia experienced a significant increase in DV/IPV homicides. Performances will take place at varying locations throughout the city. Weekday performances will begin at 6 pm and weekend performances will begin at 3 pm. Performances are not longer than 10 minutes, and performers will remain present after each performance for a time to interact with those who wish to talk, ask questions, receive information about resources, or otherwise. Performers will include Angela Davis Johnson, Estela Semeco, Haylee Anne, and Shae Edman. Locations for each performance can be found here or on the facebook event page.

Personal Politics Redux: Artist as Witness, Memory Keeper & Social Conscience

On View in Bobick Gallery, Humanities Building, University of West Georgia

October 20 – December 1, 2016

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